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Deadend Corrosion inhibitor in Automatic Splice HAS


A corrosion inhibitor is a chemical compound that, when added to a liquid or gas, decreases the corrosion rate of a material, typically a metal or an alloy. The effectiveness of a corrosion inhibitor depends on fluid composition, quantity of water, and flow regime. A common mechanism for inhibiting corrosion involves formation of a coating, often a passivation layer, which prevents access of the corrosive substance to the metal. Permanent treatments such as chrome plating are not generally considered inhibitors, however. Instead corrosion inhibitors are additives to the fluids that surround the metal or related object.

For the inhibitor being used in Automatic Splice (HAS) / Deadend, it should have some other critical performances besides protecting the metallic material from corrosion, such as a consistent lubrication and a stable electrical conductivity.

All the similar products such as Conductor Vise and Conduct Link, even Wire Vise and Wire Link for the strand steel wire, are using the inhibitor with their special formula. The inhibitor will make the jaws in Conductor Vise and Conduct Link, Vise and Wire Link, well positioned in the application assembling with the conductor and steel wire and provide a stable 
electrical connection, or grounding connection for Wire Vise and Wire Link.

Hotlink has been cooperating with the Chemical School of the South China University of Technology on the specific inhibitor development and succeeded in 2011. The Hotlink inhibitor provides an outstanding anti-corrosion capability and make the products passed the 300 hours Salt Fog Test. Meanwhile, it brings an excellent electrical conductivity, which has been proved in the ANSI C119.4 tests. Hotlink is confident that our inhibitor could provide better overall performances that that being used in Conductor Vise, Conduct Link, Wire Vise and Wire Link. 

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